Our Boats​​

As a boy, John Yank III began building boats with his father, later forming Oceanrockets, Inc. Today, he is joined by his sons, marking Yank's 3rd generation of quality boat building
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Oceanrockets raises the bar

Sleek, fast and powerful, both the 70 foot and 50 foot Oceanrocket  raise the bar for passenger powerboats featuring exciting groundbreaking designs that merges with innovative sea going technology.

​An aluminum hull, built to the same strength standard, will weigh roughly 45% less than the same hull in steel.  As a result, the aluminum boat can be built to the same structural weight as the steel vessel, and then be considerably stronger.

Aluminum construction is used for longevity, good resale value, for lightness and strength, for the competitive edge in performance, and most importantly, for the security of safe cruising. 55 and 70 foot powerboats are available. 

For a complete set of specifications which includes details of the Hull, Paint, Graphics, Seating, Railings, Electrical and Plumbing, Stereo Sound Systems, Engines and all you want to know  about our adventure power boats, contact us!